Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual Cooking Class

Schedule a group cooking class and learn how to prepare nutritious meals! This is an interactive class where you can cook along and explore nutrition in a fresh new way. Each class can be tailored to meet your dietary needs and perfectly designed for beginners or advanced home cooks. Choose from Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Plant-Based, or Date Night theme! Some recipes include couscous, hummus, salsa verde enchiladas, cauliflower ceviche, or pesto chicken. This is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience!  

How It Works

Group Coaching

What You Get..

Choose a cuisine and I will work with you to create a menu. After registering for the cooking class, you will receive a list of ingredients needed for each recipe prior to the class. Each class is 60 minutes and will be conducted via Zoom. During the cooking class, you have the option to cook along or watch and take notes. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as we prepare each recipe and you will also learn about the health benefits of each dish. All participants will receive a recording of the class as well as the full recipes once the class is over.

Class Pricing

/ 10 people (up to 20 participants)
Cost for each additional person after 10 is $15.

/ 20 person minimum (up to 30 participants)
Cost for each additional person after 20 is $15