Welcome! I’m Karina. As a dietitian, I focus on how to keep things simple when it comes to nutrition so that you can find the joy in eating, without dieting!

The reason I became a dietitian

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A New Approach to Nutrition
  • Learn how to fuel your body through proper nutrition

  • Set goals to build life-long habits

  • Access to healthy recipes and meal planning ideas

  • Learn principles of intuitive eating and become more in tune with your body

Whether you are striving to improve your health or recovering from chronic dieting, here's how I can help.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Learn how to take better care of your health, without dieting! We will work together to set goals to build life-long habits. You will have access to healthy recipes, meal planning ideas and learn principles of intuitive eating.

Virtual Cooking Class

Schedule a private or group cooking class and learn how to prepare nutritious meals! This is an interactive class where you can cook along and explore nutrition in a fresh new way. Each class can be tailored to meet your dietary needs and perfectly designed for beginners or advanced home cooks. Choose from Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Plant-Based, or Date Night theme! Some recipes include couscous, hummus, butternut squash soup, cauliflower ceviche, or pesto chicken. This is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience!

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Contact me about your group or company to discuss a personalized workshop to fit your needs. Workshops and speaking engagements can be scheduled locally or virtually. I am also available to design corporate wellness programs or health fairs.


Karina's perspective on health and nutrition has really challenged me to unlearn so many harmful habits I've acquired throughout the years from chronic dieting. I never knew there was any other way to live, honestly. She's guided me to really listen to my body, feed it nutritious food while still enjoying the freedom of eating things I like, and let go of the guilt associated with food. She's the sweetest, kindest person who's also shown me to be kind to myself and I loved working with her!

That was amazing! I would love another virtual cooking class. I need to expand my recipes and add more healthy eating to our lifestyle.

Everything from the virtual cooking class came out amazing!!! I absolutely love hummus. I just have a hard time finding it without sunflower oil or canola oil. Will definitely be making my own from now on! Thank you for this fun experience.

My experience working with Karina far exceeded my expectations! She not only helped me with my digestive issues but also helped me implement snacking to my daily lifestyle in order to keep my body fueled. Game changer for me!

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